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FAQ's Answered

Q. Does RedBook value cars based on a physical inspection?
A. No, RedBook provides a market value of a vehicle, based on the make, model and age of a car, tailored to its kilometres, the condition it is in and any options it may have fitted. Redbook researches and analyses the market based on hundreds of thousands of data points, including sales transactions and advertised prices.


Q. Can market value of a car vary in different geographical locations?
A. No, it is generally easy and inexpensive for vehicles to be moved from one location to another. It is rare that we see any major differences between geographic locations.


Q. What does "trade-in" value mean?
A. A trade-in value quoted on RedBook indicates the price range you could reasonably expect from a professional vehicle dealer as a trade-in offer for your vehicle.


Q. What does the "private sale" value mean?
A. A private sale value quoted on RedBook indicates the range you can expect to achieve, or pay, for a vehicle being sold privately (not through a dealer). Private sale prices are typically lower than dealer prices. Dealers will often bring cars up to a marketable standard, both mechanically and aesthetically, as well as provide warranty coverage post-sale. These inclusions are not generally provided by private sellers.


Q. Is the condition of my car relevant to the valuation?
A.Yes, the condition of your car compared with its age can impact its market value. A RedBook Valuation Report offers you a tailored market value valuation based on the condition of your car. It also takes into account the kilometres travelled.


Q. How do I decide what condition my car is in when purchasing a RedBook Valuation Report?
A. To decide what condition your car is in when purchasing a RedBook Valuation report, use the following guidelines:

  • As New - Showroom condition, no money to spend
  • Very Good - Very well maintained, full service history
  • Good - Minimal signs of wear and tear
  • Average - Reasonably well maintained, mechanically sound, only a few paint and panel blemishes
  • Fair - Minor mechanical repairs needed, minor body damage e.g. scratches or dents
  • Poor - Major mechanical repairs needed, dents, damage and rust may be evident


Q. Do Industry and Government Departments recognise RedBook Valuation reports?
A.Yes, industry and government departments recognise RedBook as a leading provider of independent specification and pricing valuation services.




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