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Initial vehicle:
2004 POLARIS SPORTSMAN 700 Sportsman Farm/Fun Automatic 2sp 700cc
Second vehicle:
2012 SACHS SX1 50 SX1 Scooter CVT 1sp 50cc (Discontinued)
900 Thunderbird
900 Thunderbird Sport
Adventurer 900
Black Bonneville
Bonneville (790cc)
Bonneville 900
Bonneville 900 Black
Bonneville America
Bonneville Bobber
Bonneville Bobber Black
Bonneville Bobber TFC
Bonneville SE
Bonneville Speedmaster
Bonneville T100
Bonneville T100 (900cc)
Bonneville T100 110th Anniversary Edition
Bonneville T100 Black
Bonneville T100 SE
Bonneville T100 Steve McQueen Ltd Ed
Bonneville T120
Bonneville T120 Black
Daytona 1000
Daytona 1200
Daytona 600
Daytona 650
Daytona 675
Daytona 675 ABS
Daytona 675R
Daytona 675R ABS
Daytona 750
Daytona 900
Daytona T955I
Rocket 3 GT
Rocket 3 R
Rocket III
Rocket III Classic
Rocket III Roadster
Rocket III Touring
Scrambler XC
Scrambler XE
Speed 4
Speed Triple
Speed Triple 900
Speed Triple ABS
Speed Triple R
Speed Triple RS 1050
Speed Triple S
Speed Triple SE
Speed Twin 1200
Speedmaster - 790cc
Sprint 900
Sprint Executive
Sprint GT
Sprint RS
Sprint ST
Sprint ST 1050
Sprint ST 1050 ABS
Street Cup
Street Scrambler
Street Triple
Street Triple 660 ABS LAMS
Street Triple ABS
Street Triple R
Street Triple R 765
Street Triple R 765 Low
Street Triple R ABS
Street Triple RS
Street Twin
Thruxton 1200 R
Thruxton RS
Thruxton TFC
Thunderbid Storm
Thunderbird ABS
Thunderbird Storm ABS
Tiger 1050
Tiger 1050 ABS
Tiger 1050 ABS SE
Tiger 1200 XCA
Tiger 1200 XCx
Tiger 1200 XR
Tiger 1200 XRT
Tiger 1200 XRx
Tiger 800
Tiger 800 ABS
Tiger 800 XC
Tiger 800 XC ABS
Tiger 800 XCA
Tiger 800 XCx
Tiger 800 XRT
Tiger 800 XRx
Tiger 900
Tiger 955
Tiger Explorer
Tiger Explorer XC
Tiger Sport
Trident 900
Trophy 1200
Trophy 900
Trophy SE
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